Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

We all know about the 4 Ps of Marketing, right? As a refresher they are Product, Price, Placement (distribution), and Promotion (advertising). The 4 Ps are still kind of relevant today, but it cannot really be applied to digital marketing and e-commerce.

Digital Marketing (DM) actually up-ends traditional marketing. The ability to create buzz and viral messaging can be done through social media and clever SEO techniques without the permission of newspapers and the old media. That said, those publication websites are given high authority by Google. So, if you want your website to have any rankings, it’s going to have to be linked to from those websites.

However, that will not stop you from creating a social media campaign that can take off on the Internet. Notice what Kickstarter has done. It has democratized the way we invent and fund products.

The best material and books about DM can be found at David Meerman Scott website. I really enjoy DM, especially when I can combine the two worlds of Telecom and SEO, or a Telecom SEO.

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About Me – Telecom, SEO, and Digital Marketing

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Telecom – High-speed Wireless Happily married to my beautiful wife Celine, and father to my beautiful daughter, Maya; I am a lover of technology, science fiction and the history (and future) of the Human race. I began my career in Information Technology, which led me to become a contractor in Iraq in April 2004 working …