Telecom SEO – Is that even a term?

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Telecom SEO – Is that even a term?

Well, if it isn’t, then it should be. What is a Telecom SEO? A Telecom SEO is both an expert in telecommunications and an expert in search engine optimization (SEO). Telecommunications is a large field and usually employs engineers (Radio & Electrical), marketers, and sales. However, not many telecommunications operators think they need SEO services.

How can SEO help telecommunications operators?

Even though most telecommunications operators are government-sanctioned oligopolies, they are nonetheless highly competitive industries –in most countries. Not only are they highly competitive, but they are always comparing themselves to the competition in what advertisers call: Comparative Advertising.

Most marketers know that the world of marketing is constantly changing. Concepts like Customer-First Marketing is now gaining wide acceptance, but even concepts like Content Marketing is seeing a major shift.

telecom seo, seo, content marketing, content strategy, marketing strategy

Content Marketing – Content Strategy

Most companies have realized that they need a content strategy, especially for SEO purposes. However, it is not just about creating content if nobody is going to read it. Content must be created for an audience, moreover, content needs to be created to build an audience. How does that apply to the telecommunications industry? Nobody is doing it.

The clear winner of any market are the ones with the largest audiences. Take for example Red Bull. Red Bull is a far cry away from an energy drink. In fact, they are more of a media publishing house, and you can see more of what they do at Red Bull Media House .

According to Killing Marketing by Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose , “Today, Red Bull Media House is on of the world’s most successful media companies. What started as a simple magazine has evolved into TV series, documentaries, world-class events, a music studio, and merchandising, and Red Bull even licenses its content to traditional media companies like the New York Times.”

Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds, have turned into a media company in their own right. Lego is also in the big budget blockbuster movie business. Just the other day, I was looking up dental terms for my visit to the dentist. Colgate’s website turned up with every single search. Now they are seen as an authority in the field–at least in mind. So, what’s the pitch?

telecom seo, seo, content marketing, contenty strategy, marketing strategy

Telecom SEO

Telecommunications giant AT&T knows the value of content, and has spent billions buying up DirecTV ($48.5 billion) and Time Warner ($85 billion). Even though Verizon has its FiOS (Content delivery through fiber optics) service– and bought AOL for $4.4 billion— they still went ahead and bought Yahoo for $4.8 billion. Recently, T-Mobile announced its Netflix on Us deal, whereby they take care of your Netflix subscription if you are a T-Mobile One customer.

So, we have established that they all know the importance of content.  But, none of them are using it in the way that I am trying to convey. Instead of creating relevant content, they are delivering content. This is because they are in the business of providing access to content, and never think about actually creating the content to build an audience. What do I mean by this?

I mean that one of the operators has an opportunity to own the content on telecommunications, as in, hijack the conversation. People are interested in technology, and they are interested in the technology that connects us and makes our smartphones work better. Just how Colgate is educating people about dental terms, someone should educate the people about telecom terms. Terms like 5G, Fiber-Optics, Radio, Wireless, 4G, LTE, etc. are terms people search for.

The company that is willing to put the effort to educate the public with these terms will become the authority on those terms. And that is a great place to be in the minds of customers.

I consider myself a Telecom SEO, being an expert and having a passion for both worlds. Please leave a comment or any feedback you may have.