Future Trends

Future Trends

Future Trends in any industry allow analysts, entrepreneurs, and regulators to predict what technologies will become a prominent force in society and the economy. Business Intelligence (BI) is a form of intelligence gathering regarding future trends in the business world. This might be business processes, but is usually technological advances enhance business processes or do without them entirely.

An example of an older trend is the Internet and its disruptive nature. Next was the mobile Internet, smartphones, and mobile apps. Today we have Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Printers, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT) , and 5G as technologies that will impact our economy and how companies conduct business.

The medical community will see that it is gene-printing or such technologies that will “upgrade” humanity into a more advanced species. This will effect the structure of society, and will cause a change how some people in society will view themselves.

The Blockchain, Content Creators, and Content Curators

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The Blockchain and SteemIt I have written about the importance of the blockchain in currency transactions and digital marketing. Most recently, the blockchain is being applied to platforms like SteemIt to allow bloggers and curators to make money, but not through advertising. The SteemIt model is still kind of a mystery to me, but the concept is …

The Blockchain and Digital Marketing

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Blockchain – Getting rid of the Middle-Man and Double-Spending The Blockchain, which is the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and countless other cryptocurrencies, is creating a new paradigm. A paradigm free from central control. However, like all new technologies, its capabilities can both free us and, unfortunately, enslave us. Having a 3rd party verifying a payment …

The U.S. is Ready for 5G Technology

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US Ready for 5G Although some people may disagree with my title, such as Fortune Magazine, citing the reason that there is not enough fiber in the ground to handle all the traffic that 5G would need– I beg to differ. Nobody in their right mind would cover this vast continent with fiber unless it …

iPhone 8 Does not Support 600Mhz

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iPhone 8 Does not Support 600Mhz So what?  I have seen articles here, here, and here, stating that the new Apple iPhone 8 does not support 6ooMhz. Again, so what?  These articles are taking shots at T-Mobile’s 600Mhz strategy of covering the entire US by 2018. T-Mobile, however, has plenty of frequency that the iPhone …

Future Trends in Advertising

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Future Trends in Advertising Advertising has been around since the dawn of human commerce and trade. It has taken on many forms and has evolved with the evolution of civilization. Smartphones and mobile broadband (4G, 5G and beyond) have changed the economic landscape forever. Retail and commerce, in general, is almost moving entirely online, so …