Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is changing the economic landscape, and will be effecting business across all industries. The first industries to be effected are the ones that are easily automated through specialization. That’s what AI machines do. They specialize through learning from big data followed by automating a process.

Want to not be effected by artificial intelligence? Learn a skill that cannot be automated, and most importantly learn multiple skills that you can fuse together, because machines (for now) cannot do that.

For example, I have experience in telecom, SEO, and Digital Marketing. Or more simply Telecom SEO. These are skills that cannot be automated because it requires insights and actions that machines are incapable of doing. Again, for now.

Once Quantum Computers become powerful, and begin using AI, it might be a different story. However, by then, our world will be completely different, and might require a new intelligence.

The U.S. is Ready for 5G Technology

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US Ready for 5G Although some people may disagree with my title, such as Fortune Magazine, citing the reason that there is not enough fiber in the ground to handle all the traffic that 5G would need– I beg to differ. Nobody in their right mind would cover this vast continent with fiber unless it …