Telecom SEO

Telecom SEO

Telecom SEO is the process of applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to the telecommunications industry. It requires knowledge and experience in both worlds in order to be an effective Telecom SEO expert.

The telecom industry is extremely competitive in most developed countries. It is one of the first industries that get opened up for competition because it is so important to our economies.

Take, for example, our current digital economy. It would not be possible without high-speed wireless Internet (Mobile Broadband), more specifically 4G/LTE. But it is the combination of 4G/LTE and Smartphones that have allowed companies like Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, DoorDash, Postamates, etc. thrive. The combination is also why we have the “gig economy”, and why 34% of individuals now freelancers.

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Telecom SEO – Is that even a term?

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Telecom SEO – Is that even a term? Well, if it isn’t, then it should be. What is a Telecom SEO? A Telecom SEO is both an expert in telecommunications and an expert in search engine optimization (SEO). Telecommunications is a large field and usually employs engineers (Radio & Electrical), marketers, and sales. However, not …

About Me – Telecom, SEO, and Digital Marketing

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Telecom – High-speed Wireless Happily married to my beautiful wife Celine, and father to my beautiful daughter, Maya; I am a lover of technology, science fiction and the history (and future) of the Human race. I began my career in Information Technology, which led me to become a contractor in Iraq in April 2004 working …