Using Podcasts to Improve Your SEO

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podcasts, seo, backlinks, backlinking, podcasting, digital marketingPodcasts Will Improve Your SEO

Before we get into how podcasts can improve your SEO, let’s quickly summarize what SEO is. Since the entire global economy –especially the US– is moving online, search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming paramount to the survival of any brand. So, what is SEO? SEO are specific tactics used to improve your search engine rankings. You can read more about it here. There are many ways to do this, such having the right keywords and relevant information that is liked and shared by many people. However, having a good amount of organic backlinks is what Google and other search engines like to see.

What are Backlinks?

Best practices say that your website should be at the center of what your brand or business is. Social Media, media websites, blogs, video sites, and even emails contain your URLs. These URLs are backlinks, linking people back to your site. The more you have, the more positive this looks to search engines. Backlinking is the most difficult and time-consuming part of SEO –unless of course, your content gets tens-of-thousands of organic shares. More importantly are the quality of the backlinks.

Not only do search engines look at how many backlinks you have, but they also look at the authority of the sites sharing your backlink. Search engines rank websites on their “Domain Authority” or DA. DA was created by Moz, a well-known SEO company. The higher the DA, the better quality the backlink. Why? Because spammy sites can sell the service of placing thousands of links on garbage sites for a fee. These sites will have a very low DA and Spam score, which means the search engines will penalize you. And, we want search engines to discourage that type of behavior. While some high DA sites will charge a fee for a link, they make sure it is nonetheless relevant to their site before asking you to do so. However, most reputable and high DA sites will not ask for a fee.

Podcasts and SEO

So how would podcasts improve your SEO? Podcasts are an amazing medium to get the word out about your brand. Furthermore, podcasts are shared on very high DA authority sites like Apple and Google Play.  So, having your own podcast or being featured in podcasts is a great way to get your backlinks into these high DA sites. Moreover, everytime a device listens to a podcast and subscribes, this sends positive signals to the search engines, increasing relevancy, which in turn increases your rankings.

Granted Radio, Podcasts, SEO, podcasting, backlings, digital marketing, content marketing, backlinking

Granted Radio Podcast

Granted Radio was started by Granted Records for the sole purpose of getting to know new and upcoming artists. It is part of their artist management program, which helps artists with developing an online presence to get noticed. Every artist that gets featured on the show improves their SEO when backlinks are included in the “episode notes.” Furthermore, the episode will be on the Granted Radio site, iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and the Granted Radio YouTube Channel.

Now that you understand the importance podcasts play in improving SEO, it makes sense why there are so many podcasts. They might not have large audiences, but they are using whatever they can (as they should) to increase the backlinks to their sites. Of course, podcasting does require professional equipment and technical know-how about audio levels and audio mixing.  So, Granted Records offers the service of producing podcasts for entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses looking to relay their expertise and experience while improving their ranking. You can contact them here.

If you have any questions, I can be reached here. I also encourage you to leave a comment about your experience with podcasts and SEO.