Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior and Marketing

Consumer Behavior has been at the heart of marketing since the beginning. Marketers have been obsessed with what makes consumers behave the way they do –as if they were another species. Theories and equations have been designed to explain or predict how people react to certain themes and images. And for the most part, these theories are correct.

Enter Social Media and Web 2.0. Now consumers get to have a say about anything. They get to like, comment and share topics that they deem important. They have hijacked political and corporate conversations and messages. They have become the content-generators. So, the smartest marketers have embraced this and included user-generated content in their communication strategies.

This type of inclusion is part of Customer-First Marketing, a concept that is gaining much more popularity in the world of marketing. Check out my site for articles about Customer-First Marketing, Telecom, SEO, and Digital Marketing.

Value of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

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The Value of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Marketing has been around since the beginning of human commerce. Trying to convince individuals to spend their hard-earned money on a product or service is a competitive yet well-researched endeavor. With the advent of 4G/LTE (Mobile Broadband), Smartphones, Mobile Apps and Web 2.0, the entire face of marketing …

T-Mobile’s Winning Strategy – Unlimited

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Impact of Consumer Behavior on Marketing Strategy The US Wireless Industry is extremely competitive, having four big businesses fighting in a market that is very mature with a high penetration rate. This dilemma leaves Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint with the task of convincing existing customers that they are the best in coverage and products, …

Marketing Strategy – Values and Consumer Behavior

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Values and Consumer Behavior Over the years, there has been a massive shift in gender roles and masculinity in the United States. Women have seen an increasing role in the workforce, and many have become the breadwinners of the household. Therefore, the society as a whole saw a decline in masculinity with men assuming roles …